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Chemical Manufacturing

Manage the quote-to-cash cycle with a modern distribution manegement system

Distributors of any size face many of the same global challenges, including rapidly changing customer demands, complex product inventories, and fluctuations in the supply chain.

Acumatica offers a single integrated distribution management system that integrates and automates the entire quote-to-cash cycle.

Modern ERP software for wholesale distribution provides tools to help you manage sales ordering, pricing, shipping, sourcing, and billing, letting you streamline your business processes so all your information is in one secure location. With accurate, real-time information available, situations needing attention can be identified early and addressed quickly.


  • • Adapt to Thrive in Distribution - Optimize your purchase-to-pay process and improve customer service.
  • • Serve customers from quote-to-cash - Position your business for growth with excellent customer service.
  • • Optimize the supply side of distribution operations - Gain visibility to help you achieve high availability, optimize operations, and minimize inventory costs.
  • • Better decision-making with accurate financial data - See how workflow, collaboration, analytics, and mobile device support can streamline your business.

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